Analyzing taxa macroevolutionary and macroecological patterns requires access to large datasets. My works led to the uploading of the following databases and datasets.

  • A database on Antarctic, sub-Antarctic and cold temperate echinoids of the Southern Hemisphere

(please cite: Pierrat B, Saucède T, Festeau A & David B. 2012. Antarctic, sub-Antarctic and cold temperate echinoid database. Zookeys, 204, 47-52, doi: 10.3897/zookeys.204.3134)

  • Another one on Hauterivian fossil echinoids of the Paris basin

(please cite: Benetti S, Saucède T & David B. Fossil echinoid (Echinoidea, Echinodermata) diversity of the Early Cretaceous (Hauterivian) in the Paris Basin (France). Zookeys)

  • Here is a dataset on apical plate patterns in both fossil and extant atelostomate echinoids

(Saucède T, Laffont R, Labruère C, Jebrane A, François E, Eble GJ & David B. 2015. Data from: Empirical and Theoretical Study of Atelostomate (Echinoidea, Echinodermata) Plate Architecture: Using Graph Analysis to Reveal Structural Constraints. Dryad Digital Repository doi:10.5061/dryad.2t30k)