Main research interests

Geologist and paleontologist by training, I have research interests in macroecology, macroevolution, and biogeography. Based on fossil and extant species records obtained from fieldwork and survey of academic collections, my main research activities are devoted to studying the respective roles of environment (abiotic and biotic parameters), clade evolution, and Earth history in the structuring of large-scale biogeographic patterns.

The Antarctic (Southern Ocean) constitutes the privileged geographic framework in which I study the patterns and processes of marine biodiversity dynamics, present and past; echinoids (sea-urchins) represent my main taxonomic group of interest. More specifically, a part of my work consists in describing the patterns of the morphological diversification irregular echinoids have experienced since the early Jurassic to the present day.


biodiversity, macroecology, macroevolution, biogeography,  paleontology, Echinoidea, systematics, morphometrics, Antarctica, Jurassic, Deep Sea